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AC/DC - The Furor

(Young, Young)
[Here comes the Furor]
Kick the dust, wipe the crime from the main street
Await the coming of the lord
Hangin' round with them low down and dirty
Bringing order from the boss
What's the furor 'bout it all
Leave you pantin', bust your balls
Kicked around, messed about, get your hands dirty
On the killin' floor

I'm your furor
I'm your furor, baby

[Come on, yeah]

Friend of mine, cross the line to a new state
I can shake the law
Find a mine, gonna build me a new place
No knockin' door to door

I'm your furor
I'm your furor, baby
What's your furor
I'm your furor

[Yeah, yeah, yeah]

Bring on the furor [c'mon]
[Well] I'm your furor
What's your furor [Baby]
Feel the furor
I'm your furor baby
I'm your furor

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