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AC/DC - Bedlam In Belgium

(Young, Young, Johnson)
The blood in my veins
Was running right through my brain
There was a cop with a gun
Who was running around insane
Three fifty arrests
No bullet proof vest
Now ain't that a shame
We wanted to play
Play for the crowd
«No», said the wankers
«You're on your way out»

Bedlam in Belgium
Bedlam in Belgium

The place was a jumpin'
And the booze was going down
There's a curfew in town
You've been working overtime
We don't play just for pay
So we'd like to stay
Stay just the same
He gave me a crack
In the back with his gun
I bled so bad
I could feel the blood run

Bedlam in Belgium
It was bedlam in Belgium
Bedlam in Belgium
Came for a good time
Left on the run.
Bedlam in Belgium
Who's to blame, it's a shame

Bedlam in Belgium
It was bedlam
You gonna run out

Stage was stage
Cops enraged

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